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Olive Oil is the new wine!

Olive Oils can be as complex as wines. Factors that affect the final olive oil are: soil (terroir), olive varieties, date of harvest, tree age, climate, irrigation, freshness, and the list goes on.

But unlike wine, olive oil does not get better as time passes, quite the opposite. Olive Oil suffers from oxidation from the moment is born. Oxidation causes flavors and healthy properties like antioxidants or polyphenols to fade until they disappear completely. That can happen after 18 to 24 months of having been pressed.

At Pepe’s Market we work with small producers with great know-how and fantastic olive oils to bring them to you. To assure freshness, we include harvest date and bottled date on each item so you know how old is the olive oil you are consuming. We also offer only unblended olive oils, of a single variety attached with their lab analysis so you know their polyphenol content, acidity, and that are free of any pesticide.

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